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2020 Homeschool Peptalk

It’s time for a homeschool peptalk.

I see you, feeling all the stress of 2020 somehow piling up and making planning for the new school year feel extra daunting. I see you, fielding questions from friends considering crisis homeschooling for the coming year, feeling excited for them, or fearful of legal ramifications, or conflicted about whether it’s even a good idea for them to homeschool in the first place. Maybe you haven’t been inside your church for four months. Maybe you haven’t left your house in two. Maybe your schedule is somehow returning to pre-COVID levels but with extra stress heaped up and a face mask strapped on top.

God has not changed. The mission has not changed. We have been given the privilege of raising our kids with a wider view of the world and a deeper appreciation for what is true and good and beautiful. It is a worthwhile calling. We cannot control tomorrow. We cannot control how this next school year will go. What we CAN do is be faithful. Right now. Today. We can make a list and do the next thing. We can plan with prayer and diligence. We can buy the books. We can fill our minds with what is true. We can love the people around us well, and point people to Jesus as the Savior- homeschooling won’t save them, the president will not save them, the right legislation will not save them - and even as we answer questions and share resources we can point them to the only One in whom our hope lies, no matter what happens in the year ahead. Let’s take refuge in the right Fortress. The name of the Lord is a strong tower.


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