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Longing to Rebound

Throughout this pandemic, my girl and I have had plenty of outings even while the world was largely shut down. Not to playgrounds… or playdates… or ice cream shops… or even the church nursery. Pretty much 100% of our outings (until very recently) were to doctors’ appointments, occupational therapy, and physical therapy appointments.

Honestly, I was grateful for opportunities to get her out of the house, and also grateful to take her to a place where I felt she was safe. This pandemic has been a journey for us as parents with a child who has some mysteries around her health and history, as the unknowns of this virus seemed more threatening when stacked with the unknowns of her ongoing health. It’s a balancing act of both trusting God’s care and providence while also doing our due diligence to protect this precious one entrusted to our care. It’s a struggle to constantly remind ourselves that the best, the only, safe place is in His hand.

We all know this time has had a unique impact on children, whether they have existing medical complexities or not. From navigating virtual school and distanced relationships, to disrupted rhythms and continual disappointments and cancellations, we’ve all struggled as parents, wanting so badly to protect their minds and shield their hearts through the turmoil raging around them.

As school days arrive and numbers rise and unknowns continue to surface, I’m excited to tell you about a project I’ve been privileged to be part of. REBOUND combines the voices and experience of moms from various locations and stages of life sharing perspectives, spiritual truth, and practical guidance for walking through this time with our kids.

REBOUND is designed to help you:

  • Grow awareness of your child’s needs related to COVID

  • Offer practical ideas to address changes we made and will make

  • Strengthen connections with your child during this transition

In REBOUND, you will find 7 topics to help as you guide your child through:

When my dear friend Julie Sanders invited me to be part of this team, I was so honored to share some of what God has been teaching us as parents through all of this, praying it would be an encouragement and help to others. Not only that, but this project will have an even bigger impact, as the proceeds from REBOUND benefit The Girls Scholarship Fund of Nepal.

As fellow moms, we know that no one cares more about how your child comes out of COVID than you do. Let’s come out of this together and help them REBOUND.


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