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Resurrection is Coming

I like that St Patrick’s Day falls right in the midst of Lent. I don’t know if there’s any validity to the legend of Patrick teaching about the trinity from a shamrock (and if so, there are some theological issues with that illustration, but I digress…), but this plant is an encouragement to my heart.

I picked it up years ago from a local discount store for a few bucks. I have killed it time and time again. As in, dirt is barren and moldy, not a green anything in sight. Once I left it in the dark basement for about six months during a home renovation, and by the time I brought that pot back out into the land of the living, it seemed like I’d really done it this time.

But every time, I start watering that bare dirt (occasionally… there’s a reason I’m don’t have an awesome track record with plants) and set it in the sun… and stems start popping out and opening to the sunlight.

This year was no exception. A few weeks ago I thought I’d see if the miracle would happen again. And sure enough, those stems are reaching up with leaves swiveling to face the sun. My husband rolls his eyes when I point it out and say, “resurrection!” (He thinks I should just keep watering it all the time and maybe it wouldn’t die in the first place. Where is the mystery and wonder in that?! He’s too practical to appreciate it.)

My friends, you might be feeling neglected, barren, and moldy. But God specializes in resurrection. He can bring life out of the darkest places. He can give hope when all of our wisest worldly insight tells us there is none left.

Let the water of His Word soak into your heart. Cry out to Him and let His presence warm your soul. Turn your face toward Him. He is no fool who hopes in Him. Easter is coming.

“Towards your Easter, out of Lenten lands,

I walk each day upon my pilgrimage” (Malcolm Guite, David’s Crown)


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